About Gene42

Gene42 Inc. is a medical technology and innovation software company. Our mission is to build smart software for precision medicine, using streamlined user interfaces and cutting-edge computational techniques to advance healthcare practice. As a team of less than 10, we are highly agile and focused on big-picture goals, with every team member making a substantial impact. As a revenue-positive company backed by two major institutions, with a real product working in production, and with more than a dozen high-profile clients around the world, we sit on a rock-solid foundation.

Our flagship product, PhenoTips®, is used as part of the clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment process for people suffering from rare disease. PhenoTips® offers a number of powerful features, including a comprehensive pedigree editor, efficient phenotype capture using standardized vocabularies, and real-time assistive feedback. Originally developed as part of a high-impact research project at the University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children, PhenoTips® quickly grew from being a niche open-source research tool to an essential clinical software product. Gene42 works with institutional users of PhenoTips® to perform enterprise-quality deployments and custom feature development, handling the associated challenges around privacy, reliability, security, and stability.

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